Start A Six Figure Per Year Woodworking Business

A highly profitable business venture that you can start easily with a relatively small budget as compared to other small businesses is a woodworking business. A woodworking business offers you plenty of flexibility and high financial rewards with low risk. However like any other business, it is very important that you have a sound business plan before moving forward. With a business plan in hand, you will have much better opportunity in securing a loan or take in business partners if you so desire.

Woodworking offers a vast variety of different business opportunities in many areas. Whether you are doing custom made to order woodworking for a customer or creating your own line of simple wooden furniture and crafts to sell online, the opportunities are endless when it comes to putting your woodworking skills to work for which you can earn a rather comfortable part time income or to turn it into realistic a six figure yearly income business.


Some of the woodworking business opportunities that are high in demand are in wooden furniture and crafts. These products are easy to make and commands high prices depending on the complexity of the designs. Country furniture, home decorative pieces and even wooden clock are highly sought after products by affluent buyers.

To be successful in the woodworking business, you need to be unique and creative and come up with your own line of creations and products. These products will bring you higher profits margins as you will be only one selling it. Choosing materials is also another area where you can toy around with special wood materials and create something special and unique that appeals to your buyers. Buyers always love a story behind a creation and they will be very happy to own your work if comes with the creator’s inspiration and story behind it. Think “ IKEA”, the world famous furniture retailer from Sweden.

Another hot product that will never go out of demand is the wooden walking stick. This often overlooked market is huge and creating your own line of walking stick is a walk in the park for a creative woodworker. If you are seriously considering setting up a woodworking business, this guide here shows you how to start and run a successful woodworking business for under $1000. The best thing is, you DON’T need to be a professional woodworker or own a huge workshop with expensive machinery to start and succeed!